What are subgroups?

Subgroups allow for organizations to quickly add groups of people to an event who aren’t in their or another organization.

Examples of subgroups might include:

  • a Rush list
  • Social members
  • Alumni

Subgroups are private to the admins of your organization and those in subgroups will not be alerted that they are in one. You can add subgroups to your event lists the same way you would add other organizations. When your organization is added to an event list, your subgroups will NOT be added.

How to create a subgroup and add members:

1. Toggle to the details page of the organization admin page

2. Tap the subgroups button

3. Select create subgroup and give your subgroup a name

4. Tap the ’+’ and add members by phone number, contact, or provide a roster to help@doorlist.app (see the adding members page for roster formatting) please include your organization name and subgroup name